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June 01, 2016

The air nearly crackles with energy as Tata and Fana enter the Phoenix Youth and Community Centre (PYCC) in Mulgrave Park. Friends since they were in grade three, the girls – 14 and 15 years old – are familiar faces at PYCC, bringing with them a passion to learn and try new things. Since it opened in 2011 the Centre has been recognized as a place of opportunity and a great resource to community residents young and old. For the past three years, Tata and Fana have been participating in a number of different programs offered at PYCC – including the Mulgrave Magic summer program, Homework Club and Girls Group. 

April 11, 2016

Dreamscape is a chance to celebrate fresh starts and new possibilities – both of the spring season and of Phoenix's strong and resilient youth. 

Join Phoenix and CBC on Thursday, May 12th for a very special event. Enjoy a seasonally inspired three-course dinner with your friends and colleagues while watching an incredible show. After the lively reception, you'll be wowed by our line-up of incredible, local entertainers and inspiring speakers:

February 01, 2016

Source: Psynopsis | Winter/Hiver 2016 Volume 38 No. 1

Phoenix Youth Programs has been providing service for and caring about youth in Halifax, nova Scotia for over 27 years. We work with youth who face multiple barriers such as housing insecurity; food insecurity; and inadequate access to regular health care, education, and secure employment.

February 01, 2016

Source: Psynopsis | Winter/Hiver 2016 Volume 38 No. 1

The Phoenix Prevention Program (PPP) is the clinical therapy component of a continuum of services offered at Phoenix Youth Programs in Halifax, nova Scotia.