Signature Events

May 03, 2019
· 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm

On Friday, May 3rd, join us as we renew the tradition of Dreamscape as a gala event. You will partake in a lively evening buzzing with creative energy and a look back at our triumphs over the past 20 years!

June 19, 2019
· 6:00 PM

All staff, volunteers, guests and community members are welcome to attend Phoenix's Annual General Meeting, happening on June 19th at 6:00 PM at the Phoenix Learning and Employment Centre.

To let us know you're coming, contact Andrea.

December 03, 2019
· 11:30am-1:45pm

On December 3rd, 2019, please join us at our 29th annual Phoenix Holiday Luncheon. The event is an uplifting experience celebrating the joy and hope of the season. Last year’s guest list was over 1,000 and more than $215,000 was raised, a 28-year record! Some of the event activities include: