Celebrating our Earliest Guardians

It was a special and moving moment when we unveiled our new Guardian Wall during the Phoenix Holiday Open house and hung the first two plaques for long-time supporters Canadian Progress Club Halifax Cornwallis & St. Paul’s Homes.

These two groups embody community. Without them Phoenix would not exist as we do today!

St. Paul’s Homes has waived property rental since day one for the Phoenix House property and works with us to maintain four properties they own and provide to Phoenix today. This equates to millions of dollars’ worth of contributions over our 30 years. The partnership with St. Paul’s Homes has no only allowed us to exist as we do, but also to expand over the years in response to the needs of the community. They have also gifted Phoenix over $23,000 and administer the St Paul’s Home Award for Education and Training, for which Phoenix youth have accessed.

Committed to the work of Phoenix since 1988, members of the Canadian Progress Club Halifax Cornwallis have raised over $1.5 million for Phoenix, largely through the Women of Excellence annual awards event! At the event they bring awareness of our work by including a Phoenix youth speaker and the Phoenix Community Choir. They have also contributed thousands … literally thousands of hours cooking, volunteering at events, being part of our governance board, and more. We are truly blessed by the Club’s involvement in so many ways! Visit their website if you are interested in joining this amazing group of women.

Thank you, 'guardians' from the bottom of our hearts, for giving youth safety, nourishment, choices, skills, people they can rely on and bright futures!