Report to the Community 2013 / 2014

With the help of our donors, volunteers, and sponsors, Phoenix continues to meet our youths’ basic needs of food and shelter, develop individualized plans, and offer opportunities for personal development. Beyond those basic needs, our broad goals are to help youth achieve moments of success, create an attachment to a positive community, and empower them to believe that they can change the trajectory of their lives.

You are an integral part of that positive community. Your actions demonstrate to the youth that they are valued, that you care, and it makes a difference! Each of your contributions to Phoenix ensure that we have the privilege of continuing to offer much-needed support for youth, their families, and whole communities. We have witnessed so many young people transform their lives, all because of contributions from caring individuals just like you.

We would like to take this opportunity to give heartfelt thanks to our faithful donors, and to all three levels of government for their unwavering support of Phoenix for over 27 years. Without the support of your generous contributions, our work would not be possible. Together we are making our community a better place for everyone.

Donna Alteen
Chair, Board of Directors

Timothy Crooks
Executive Director