Report to the Community 2012 / 2013

Firstly, we must start by saying thank you to our many supporters. Your hard work and generosity help make our community a better place for everyone. It is our great honour and distinct pleasure to serve the Phoenix community this year and for the past 25 years. We are humbled each and every day by the strength and fortitude of Phoenix youth to reach for their dreams, and by the compassionate support offered by the 81 staff, 112 volunteers and almost 1,500 donors that make it all possible.

We offer this year’s donor report in the spirit of gratitude and celebration of 25 years of Phoenix working in our community to make meaningful changes in the lives of young people. A heartfelt thank you as well to all three levels of government for 25 years of partnership focused on building vibrant communities where we can all work, live and thrive together.