Let's Talk About Food!

Let's Talk About Food!

The Let's Talk About Food! Program invites youth participants to come together to talk about food and share a meal. 

Thanks to our friends at Feed Nova Scotia, the recipes are usually determined by the ingredients dropped off to Phoenix Centre for Youth during weekly food truck deliveries, meaning the meals are easier to make on a budget. We talk about tips and tricks to add flavour and stretching our dollars by buying in bulk. We discuss the importance of nutrition on our energy and mental health, how to re-heat and keep food from spoiling, and youth find comfort bringing their own cultural recipes to share and prepare. Afterwards, youth receive a gift card so they can purchase any extra ingredients and recreate the meal at home.

Here are some of the tastiest meals we've made during Let's Talk About Food!

Do you have a recipe you'd like to share with us? Feel free to submit an idea using our web form! 




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Thank-you for sharing a recipe with us! If we use your recipe during our program and you would like to know how it went, feel free to leave your name and e-mail!