Supported Opportunities for Employers to Hire Youth!

Calling all employers who want to hire motivated youth!

Are you an employer who wants to give youth opportunities for success through employment? If so, join our Employers' Network, and provide career opportunities for youth; there are many ways to get involved!

Employ a youth participant through a subsidized employment program! 

Phoenix offers programs that provide opportunities to develop employment skills, make employer connections, and help launch careers. Our programs include:

Phoenix Employment Program (PEP) - The Phoenix Employment Program is designed to provide under-supported, unemployed or under-employed, young people, 18-29 years of age, with an innovative approach to addressing their unique barriers to employment. Participants will engage in a customized, 24-month work placement in a career of interest and be supported by Phoenix throughout the work placement through case management and peer support activities. Through the program, participants will gain workplace experience and opportunities to build confidence for a successful and sustainable transition into the workforce!

Home Depot – This program is designed to help youth develop and build on their employment skills. Youth involved in this program work with staff at Phoenix to determine their career goals and identify careers and work environments they would like to explore. Through a 10-week work placement, participants gain valuable employment experience to help them along their career development journey!

Hire youth to fill vacant positions!

Hiring youth is a great way to diversify your workforce; youth have many skills and experiences to offer employers. If you have vacancies to fill, you can send job postings to the Phoenix Learning and Employment Centre (PLEC) to be advertised on our job board and social media for youth to access. You can even come to our space to host an information session, a mini job fair, or conduct interviews.

Provide volunteer, job shadow, or workplace tour opportunities!

An important part of our work with youth is career exploration. Having an opportunity to visit an employer to see first-hand what the day-to-day of a job or industry looks like is valuable to a youth in their decision to pursue a career or education in that field. This is also a great way to identify potential future employees!

Mentor a youth!

Entering the workforce can be intimidating but having guidance and support from someone who has been there can help ease the stress. Consider being part of a support network to help a youth navigate these challenges. Simple things like a chat over coffee, sharing your experience, providing some helpful tips or advice, reviewing a resume, or making an introduction can go a long way to helping a youth launch their career!

Lend your time and skills!

Do you have knowledge and experience that would be helpful to pass along to youth? Share your expertise with youth by conducting mock interviews, a workshop on resume/cover letter writing or networking. Do you have technical skills that would benefit youth aiming to get a start in your industry? Consider hosting a workshop on photography, graphic design, writing code (you name it!) to engage youth and teach them new skills to get them started!

For more information contact Alicia MacDonald, Program Coordinator at or 902-329-0844.