Stocks & Securities

A gift of securities is an opportunity that can be applied immediately to the work of the agency or operationalized over the long-term for lasting impact and stability.

Shirley and Neil chose to support Phoenix in a new way: they gave a gift of stock. While meeting with their financial advisor, he asked them if they had considered making their donation through stock rather than a cash donation. This type of gift allowed them to avoid capital gains tax and, after discussing this option with their financial advisor, they decided this was a great way for them to support Phoenix. When asked about their nearly two decades of committed support for Phoenix, the answer is simple, “It’s an opportunity to help youth.”

When you donate securities, you eliminate the capital gains tax* that would otherwise be payable if the securities were liquidated and then donated as cash. Securities are often given as part of planned giving strategies and are enormously mutually beneficial for both parties.

Securities can be given online through our secure giving page, making it safer and simpler than ever to support Phoenix programs and services. 

Please find the printable form for the Transfer of Stock to Phoenix here

Or give online through CanadaHelps:

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* Speak to a trusted financial advisor to ensure the elimination of capital gains tax applies to your donation, as rules and regulations may vary.