Rachel Derocher

Clinical Therapist
Mother. Learner. Animal Lover.

“I’ve always been a huge supporter of people supporting people. Healthy young people - healthy adults.

“Every year around Christmas-time, it is an expectation in our family that our daughter thinks of some way to give back. I really try to get her to generate her own ideas on what she wants to do. We’ve done everything from wrapping presents to doing a bottle drive. Even though the bottle drive was a lot of work for me, it was really cute.

“Phoenix youth are heroic.

“Getting to meet the youth and their families is one of the greatest things. It’s a privilege to work with all people, especially when they share things that are vulnerable. It’s a privilege that I have been brought into that world through my role. Phoenix embodies similar values to myself and how I want to carry out my practice.

“Clinical therapy gets you thinking. Every day my mind is challenged.

“I never sought out the career as a Clinical Therapist growing up. It was something that just happened naturally. Through my work with Coverdale and child protection, I learned and grew into this. I never wanted to do administrative work or to be bogged down by paper. Being a Clinical Therapist is my ideal way to still be on the front lines and to work with youth and their families.

“The work we do, it’s not light work, so I appreciate that we can lean on each other and laugh as a team.  A favourite memory is doing skits at the staff Christmas party - I loved that! We used to have some of the biggest belly laughs ever trying to make up skits. My favourite one was when we made up short songs and performed those in front of everyone. It was so much fun.

“Phoenix has helped me grow in a big way - personal and professionally. Working here has only enhanced my ability to look at people in their contexts and see them as multi-storied and work things out in that way. I came here right out of my Masters of Social Work (MSW) so it was definitely a learning curve at the beginning but all the support and guidance here absolutely helped me. I know that no matter where I go in my life, I will always have the experiences from Phoenix with me.”

Rachel has been working with Phoenix since November 2011.